A-SPAN Pledges to Make a Difference in Courthouse

July 30, 2014

Photo: Maggie AwadMaggie Awad is the Marketing Manager at Arlington Transportation Partners. She currently takes the ART bus to work and loves the ease of her daily commute -- giving her plenty of time to catch up on her reading.

ASPAN STOP Everyone knows, moving is hard work. Aside from the packing, the boxing, the taping, and the general gathering all your worldly office possessions – you might find yourself worrying over your final destination. Change can be hard for a community and business owners who are in the process of moving Arlington neighborhoods might wonder…

Will my business fit in? What will my neighbors be like?

You might be especially concerned when you’re in the business of changing the lives of Arlington’s homeless residents, like ASPAN LOGOArlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN).

So what do you do when you’re the new kid on the block and want to make friends with all the cool kids on the playground? You show everyone that you’re serious about your commitment to the community and you Adopt-a-Stop; regularly maintaining an ART bus stop rain/shine/sleet/snow. But A-SPAN didn’t stop there and decided to become a Champion in May 2014, by making a commitment to their employees and clients to offer alternate transportation options, which in turn benefits Arlington County.

A-SPAN is on track to be a great asset to the Courthouse community. Currently located in Shirlington, A-SPAN plans to move to Courthouse in 2015. View an interactive map and locate A-SPAN’s newly adopted bus stop.

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